February 9th, 2024 × #AI#Coding#Tooling

AI Superpowers with Kevin Hou and Codeium

Kevin Howe from Codium discusses how their AI coding assistant works, focusing on features like fast autocomplete, code context awareness, and data privacy.


In this supper club, Scott and Wes welcome Kevin Hou, Head of Product Engineering at Codeium, a blazing fast AI-powered code completion and chat tool for developers.

Show Notes

  • 00:00 Welcome to Syntax!
  • 05:31 An introduction to Codeium.
  • 07:56 What information are you sending the AI to get such good completions?
  • Codeium compliance
  • 09:15 Codeium runs a 'Language Server'.
  • 11:15 Crawling dependency tree and abstract syntax tree.
  • 12:07 Using Codeium Live.
  • 12:34 How big of a codebase can you run this on?
  • 14:39 Sending select amounts of data to AI.
  • 16:06 Does Codeium maintain codebase preferences and styling (ie. snake case)?
  • 17:39 Will Codeium scan the dependency?
  • 19:23 AI UI, have we found the best format?
  • 21:55 Crazy ideas in tech.
  • 22:53 Additional AI UI inputs.
  • 24:14 How do you make an AI model?
  • 28:42 How does Codeium manage the product roadmap?
  • 32:09 Do AI models get worse over time? How does Codeium validate that it's not?
  • Open AI Evals
  • 35:39 How is Codeium THAT fast?
  • 36:49 What programming langauges does Codeium use?
  • 38:55 Codeium Playground.
  • Codeium Playground
  • 39:15 Caching as a performance improvement.
  • 39:58 What is the pipe between Codeium and editor?
  • 40:17 Codeium chat service.
  • 41:44 A WebSocket system allowing push and pull communication.
  • 43:13 Closed Beta for GPT 4.0.
  • 46:12 The dreaded closing quote bug.
  • 48:26 Sometimes bugs bug Wes.
  • 49:49 Supper Club Questions
  • 51:40 Perplexity.ai
  • 52:35 What editor does Kevin use?
  • 55:31 Sick Picks + Shameless Plugs

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